Welcome to Kaliandra

House Of Kaliandra is a social enterprise set up in 1997 in East Java, Indonesia. Kaliandra is working with local communities to improve their standard of living.

Village Tour

Village Tour

Rural village settled near the House of Kaliandra.

Rural village settled near the House of Kaliandra. Amid lush greenery and rainforest, The village sustains the old customs of Javanese community. Explore the traditional village life by taking part in locals’ everyday activities,, and strolling around their vegetable garden. You can choose to explore the village by walk or by an old bike.

Our local knowledge and extensive connections mean that we can develop some fantastic tours in the region, all designed to showcase and support local cultures, livelihoods and wildlife.

we will invite you to walk at an easy pace through villages and farmland with occasional crops and livestock enclosures. The resin collector can be extended to include lunch in the village.

One of our gentle hikes takes you from Kaliandra through forests and mixed farms and pine forests where resin collectors pat trees. As you walk, our guides will share your knowledge of local farming techniques.

Visit Mystical Indrokilo.Indrokilo is a pilgrimage site for people who embrace Javanese mysticism, a blend of animism and Hinduism. At certain times of the day you may see black-haired monkeys wich inhabit densely wooded areas.

And This One of Our Favorite Walks ! You set off the through woodland and mixed farms to Tambak Sari Village and stay overnight in a local home. It is hard to not to spend the whole time smiling, as the simplicity of the accomodation is more than made up for by peoples warmth and friendliness.