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House Of Kaliandra is a social enterprise set up in 1997 in East Java, Indonesia. Kaliandra is working with local communities to improve their standard of living.

Bromo Excursions

Bromo Excursions

Hike to the summit of Mount Bromo

Hike to the summit of Mount Bromo as you watch the sunrise over one of the most active volcanoes in the world

Experience the glorious of Experience the glorious of Bromo Mount sunrise and the 10 kilometers sands sea with our special trekking package which is designed for your travel. The following below your travel itinerary.

Departing from Kaliandra at night, you will be driven to a small village at the edge of the Tengger volcanic crater. From there we travel by 4x4 jeep to the Penanjakan point (2,770m) sitting on top of the steep crater wall, to enjoy the breathtaking sunrise at Bromo. The view from this spot is spectacular, aside from the sunrise you can see the Tengger crater and its five volcanoes surrounded by the Sea of Sand and the astonishing panorama of Semeru in the background, the highest mountain in Java. Looking west, you will also see Mount Arjuna and Welirang, home to the Kaliandra Eco Resort.

After the sunrise, we continue with the 4x4 jeep on a small scenic road down the crater wall into the Sea of Sand. After crossing the Sea of Sand we hike to the rim of the crater of the active Bromo Volcano. You can also try horseback riding on the Sea of Sand towards the crater, which will make your experience unforgettable.

After getting a chance to get to know the local horse ridding Tengger people, that wrap themselves in colourful Sarongs to protect against the very low morning temperatures, we drive back to Kaliandra in time to enjoy lunch and a rest.