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House Of Kaliandra is a social enterprise set up in 1997 in East Java, Indonesia. Kaliandra is working with local communities to improve their standard of living.

Gamelan & Traditional Dance

Gamelan & Traditional Dance

Experience the Mystical Music of Gamelan Javanes

Experience the Mystical Music of Gamelan Javanese gamelan is one of the cultural arts inherited by the predecessors and until now still much loved and occupied.

Gamelan music is obviously quite different from western music. In its traditional form it is cyclical and consists of different layers of melody. It is a co-operative music with a delicate balance between the various instruments, in which the whole body of sound is important, rather than any individuals.

For most Indonesians, Javanese Musical instrument (gamelan) is an integral part of Indonesian culture.

Although the popularity of gamelan has declined, gamelan is still common to play in formal occasions and is an integral part in many traditional Indonesian ceremonies.

To promote and introduce this heritage, Kaliandra has Gamelan class to offer as one of our programs. Experience the mystical music of Gamelan in House of Kaliandra with our experienced instructors.