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House Of Kaliandra is a social enterprise set up in 1997 in East Java, Indonesia. Kaliandra is working with local communities to improve their standard of living.

Batik & Traditional Crafts

Batik & Traditional Crafts

Experience the Traditional Javanese Artwork. Bati

Experience the Traditional Javanese Artwork. Batik or wax painting is one of Javanese fine art heritage. At Kaliandra You will learn to make it from the scratch, using 'canting' and wax. You can either draw a batik pattern or Your own design.

Batik is a craft that has high artistic value and has been a part of Indonesian culture (especially Java) since a long time. The Javanese philosophical tradition that prioritizes the processing of identity through meditative and mystical practices in achieving glory is a major source of the creation of these batik styles in addition to utter devotion to the king's power as the embodiment of the Almighty in the world.

Traditional cloth motifs can be seen as one of the traditional means of communication that contains certain symbols or cultural symbols. Indigenous symbols can actually act as a pranata because with the meaning behind the symbol, each receiver of the symbol will realize something that must and should not be executed. So the traditional batik motif is a nonverbal message.

Patterns, motifs and colors in batik, used to have a symbolic meaning. This is because batik is a ceremonial dress (long cloth, sarong, scarf, dodot, kemben, headband), therefore must be able to reflect the atmosphere of the ceremony and can add magical power. Because it was created various patterns and motifs of batik that has a symbolism that can support or add to the religious and magical atmosphere of the ceremony.